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Independent publishing project founded in 2015 by Hideko G. Ono, Director at OSCAAR MOULIGNE. Based in Kyoto, Japan. 

    #004 Xie Bicycle Free Paper
    #003 Penile Papers
    #002 (no kissing)
    #001 Crossing Strangers 

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#004. Xie Bicycle Free Paper

Xie Bicycle

Available at 📍Xie Bicycle, Kyoto 

About text in the making. Visit @xie_bicycle or Xie Bicycle Blog.  Thanks for checking out the page!

Issue #1 - Taiwan

Issue #2 - Special Tools 

Title: Xie Bicycle Free Paper
Size: A3 sheet folded in quarters 
Publication date: February 2022 - ongoing!
Each issue is made in a batch of 200 copies and reprinted when out of stock
Printed using the risograph process at Handsawpress Kyoto
All text by Shin Nagatani 
Translation by Shiki Nagatani
Production and labour shared by Shin, Shiki, and Hideko 

Xie Bicycle blog  

Shared online #xiebicycle